Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


How does your training programs work?

We only offer board and train in house behavior modification programs.  What this means is that your dog stays with us for either, 4 or 6 weeks.  At the end we teach you how to maintain the training at home.

Which program should I sign my dog for?

As early as 16 weeks of age your dog can join our camps. They are divided into 4 or 6 weeks.  Both adult programs will end with an exquisitely trained dog, but we have created a 4 week program to offer clients a more affordable option.

Do we participate in the training?

At the end of your dog’s residential (Aka Board and Train) training with us, you will participate in 4 mandatory lessons to learn how to maintain your dogs level of training at home.

Will this training address my dog’s issues?

The core of our teaching philosophy pivots around getting a dog to take direction from you, commonly known as “my dog minds me”.  It is fundamental that your dog understands when you agree and disagree with their actions. Without this understanding, no dog can learn what is a correct or incorrect.  Then the question becomes, are you gonna be truly present in your dog’s life to teach an appropriate way of life with you? You decide what are appropriate and inappropriate behaviors for your lifestyle.  We will instruct you on the ethologically correct management and behavior modification practices so that you can control maladaptive tendencies.

What else do the dogs learn?

Aside from the above described fundamental principle, we teach dogs to respond to commands that will increase the degree of safety and freedom you both enjoy currently.  It is our philosophy to focus in teaching you both how to live in harmony as it is reasonable. The following responses will be taught on cue to your dog and it is your responsibility to incorporate them in your daily lifestyle: Eye contact, relax in specific area, recall, stay, get in kennel, on leash formal and informal heeling, off leash formal and informal walks, non verbal leash pressure.  In addition, we teach agreement, disagreement and release signals/markers.

What are your training methods?

More than merely talking about a training method, any process that attempts to successfully modify behavior must meet the following principles:  

  • It has to be Ethologically viable for the specific species (canis familiaris in our case)

  • Must use the principles of learning theory (operant and classical conditioning)

  • Trainer(s) must have vast experience with all situations and the use of tools

  • Methods employed must harmonize with the animal’s biology

  • Methods employed must not be intended to injure/abuse the body or the mind

With these principles in mind, our approach is a balance between constructive agreement and constructive disagreement with the noble goal of a better life.  In layman's terms, your dog will be appropriately rewarded and corrected according to the training objectives. In doing so, we will use different enhancements/tools which will be incorporated in the management of your dog while with us and at home thereafter.  Such tools can be praise, emotional connection, occasional food rewards, play and toy of interaction with humans, chewing/edible items, target placements, leashes, slip collars, prong collars, muzzles, and electronic collars. E-collar will always be employed as part of our programs.


What is a typical day during the training program?

We start our day at 7am.  At this time our priority is for the dogs to go out for the first potty break of the day. Around 8 am breakfast is served.  Once breakfast is finished, we will begin our daily training sessions which will take place either indoor, outdoor or offsite in public areas.  By noon, we are finished with our morning session and the dogs will take a 2 hour break/nap in their individual places. We use crates. Around 2-2:30pm we begin our afternoon session with potty break/play time. Shortly after that, training sessions will begin and will run until 6pm, when dinner is served.  Following dinner, the dogs will enjoy a break/nap for digestion. Our last let out for the night, will take place between 9-10pm.

Where does my dog sleep?

When not outside during training activities, dogs sleep in an state of the art temperature-controlled building in individual crates  with all the amenities and comforts of modern life. We hold strict sanitary measurements. Our facility it is not your average run of the mill dog facility and we take pride of maintaining such standards.

Would my dog interact with other dogs?

Dog interactions must be constructive situations with the highest levels of safety.  Since your dog’s wellbeing is our primary goal during the stay, any dog to dog interaction will be decided at our professional discretion.

Does someone live on the premisses?

A staff member resides year around on our premisses and lives in the same building where the dogs are housed in.

Do you provide references?

To preserve our client's privacy we do not provide references, although, we encourage you to do research online about the quality of our work.  We have a waiting list on our services and most of our clients come from word of mouth. Our facebook page is a great resource to get acquainted with our philosophies and the type of work we do.

How many students per class?

15 total students.

What are the program’s dates?

Our programs begin and end on specific dates of the year.  Outside these times/dates we do not engage in any dog training activities.  Our main facility (The Pet Wagon) in Durham stays open year around for boarding, daycare, and customer service.  Our front desk staff at The Pet Wagon is your in person point of communication. Please see our 2021 Class Schedule.


What is the cost of the programs?

4 Week High Reliability: $2,850  (includes relaxation target, training leash and e-collar)

6 Week Premier Advanced : $3,950 (includes relaxation target, training leash and e-collar)


Do you offer financial Aid?

In the past we have helped some people split payments and we do offer a small discount to those folks who are repeat clients. Any financial aid benefits will be at Juan Galvis' discretion and decided on a case by case basis. Be advised, families who do not need financial aid will have preference on our waiting list.



I want to sign my dog up, what do I need to do?

If you are ready to join us, you will need to complete the following tasks:

  • Check our 2021 Class Schedule and send us an email inquiring for availability.

  • Contact The Pet Wagon Hotel at 919-757-6085 to get access to your enrollment forms.

  • Provide copy of vaccination records

  • Pick your preferred date and pay deposit (50%) or course in full to secure a spot.


I already signed my dog for a class.  What is next?

You will be required to drop off your dog at our countryside satellite facility in Cedar Grove between 3-7pm on the day the course starts.  Please bring enough food for an extra week stay depending on your dog’s camp, as well as, any medication your pet may need during the stay with us at the time of drop off.  No toys or personal items are allowed, except for treats. Please make sure your dog is current on flea and tick medication.

In order to make the most of the time we have with your pet we do not accept visits or taking your dog offsite, unless, special circumstances may require it.  The structure and size of the class makes it difficult to cater to visits, also, visits, can be quite disruptive to the class/your pet’s routine. We will send a small clip/wellness update every 10 days or so of your pet required length of time with us.

There will be 4 graduation classes in total, one lecture and three hands on sessions. Classes are held on a weekend and are both in the am and the pm. You will want to schedule at least 3 hours for the lecture and at least 2 hours for the hands on sessions. Go home lessons are mandatory and there will be no make up time, so please make sure you schedule your dog's education and yours as a priority.