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Our name says it all...Our dog training approach is simple.  We use your dog's natural/innate abilities to create or modify behavior. You will learn how to build a clear, trusting and harmonious relationship with exceptional communication.  When these elements come together results are amazing.


Dogability specializes in motivational training because we believe training should be fun and exciting.  Feel free to check out our site and choose one of our training programs to best fit your needs.  No dog is the same, we taylor our training methods to address your pups specific challenges.  We offer FREE telephone consults because we know how important is for you to make an informed decision about your dog's education.  We encourage you to interview as many different trainers in the area.  We feel confident that our clear and efficient approach will blow your mind. 


We love to consult with potential clients.  Find our email on our contact page.  We are here for you when you need us.


Juan Galvis

Head Trainer

Unmatched skills!
One of the key secrets of our way of training is engagement, learning is easy and fun when your dog builds a desire to engage with you.  Not all dogs want to engage naturally.  By discovering your dog's ultimate motivators, we can improve their desire to learn.  Enroll today in one of our programs and discover a new lifelong human-canine partnership filled with fun and excitment.

When should you start training your dog?

We get this question a lot, in reality, from the time a puppy is born they are learning about the world.  Soaking in their new stimulating environment.  Start your new puppy on the right track and you will reap the benefits of a well adjusted companion.  On the flip side, the myth of "You can't teach an old dog new tricks" is just an old wives tale.  Dogs of any age can learn.  Do not be discouraged if early training was not part of your dog's life.  A new life starts the moment you make a commited decision to work with your dog.  We are here to guide you through this process.  Check our videos below of a 12 week old puppy working on obedience foundation and a 5 year old lab mix starting the same foundation

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