Training Programs Offered in Durham NC

We cover all aspects of dog behavior modification in 3 simple programs, no confusing explanations.   Please see below our different programs.

Super Puppy!

Our Super puppy program is an excellent way to get your new pup (8wks to 4months) started on a path of good behavior and doggie etiquette.  At our state-of-the-art location in Cedar Grove NC, this 2-week learning immersion program is compared to none in the industry of dog training.


We will teach your puppy our communication system and imprint basic obedience excersices (stay, come, confidence building, peer socialization, conditioned relaxation, potty training) This is not your average petsmart/petco puppy training, we get results and lifetime support. 


Once your puppy becomes a teenager (4 months and beyond) he or she is welcome to enroll into one of our other obedience programs to finish training at a 10% discount.


Program cost $1,000

Price will increase after April 13th 2019

High Reliability Obedience

The most complete 4-week program taught at our location in Cedar Grove NC.  Our high reliability obedience program will challenge any advanced program from any other training venue, and at a fraction of the cost anywhere else.


Your dog's life will be changed forever, confidence (canine and human) and clear understanding are taken to a new level. 


We will establish behaviors such as come, stay, loose leash walking, boundary recognition and go to place.  Clear and concise instruction on how to up keep your dog's new learned skills will be delivered by being part of your dog's finishing touches at the end of the last week of school. 


As always we offer lifetime support after your dog goes home with you assuring that you are fully satisfied and in a comfortable position to keep the obedience well oiled.  Experience the freedom of taking your dog anywhere and be admired by his or her manners.  If desired, after completion, your dog can enter the next level of training at a 20% discount of the regular price.

Program cost $2,500

Price will increase after April 13th 2019

Premier Advanced Obedience

Our premier program offered at our location in Cedar Grove NC.  We take your dog's highly reliable obedience to an amazing new level. Your dog will perform all the behaviors learned in our previous programs OFF LEASH.  This program takes 6-weeks to complete.  Your dog will perform in a predictable manner in almost any environment.  We will teach you how to maintain this exquisite level of training and will also support you along the way once he or she goes home with you.  You will be absolutely delighted with the freedom this program will bring to your dog's life.

Program cost $3500

Price will increase after April 13th 2019